Our projects

Dynamisation of the Danube floodplain between Marxheim and Stepperg

Green light for the dynamisation of the Danube floodplain between Marxheim and Stepperg.
The aim of the project is to restore the once natural dynamics of the former landscape. Because with the regulation of the river and the construction of the hydropower plants, these processes along the Danube mostly came to an end - with serious consequences for many animal and plant species, which lost valuable habitats as a result. In order to reintroduce them in the floodplains and also to strengthen the character of the landscapes as important water retention, the next step of dynamization is now planned after the area between Ingolstadt and Neuburg.

Birdproof high-voltage power lines

Securing the four 110 KV lines crossing the Danube with flags to prevent birds from colliding with the power lines (planning in spring by Bayernwerk Netze GmbH)

BLUE GREEN CITY - blue and green infrastructure

The term blue and green infrastructure is based on the idea that ecosystems and their services - such as intact meadows or urban green spaces - as well as "gray", i.e. technical infrastructure - are essential for sustainable development. Green and blue infrastructure contributes to human well-being e.g. through climate regulation, recreation and experiencing nature and landscape and preserving biodiversity.

3rd Danube-wide volunteer day by DANUBEPARKS

Last year DANUBEPARKS organized an international volunteer day for the third time, in which valuable nature conservation work was carried out free of charge.