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Are you interested in the floodplain between Neuburg and Ingolstadt? Do you want to experience the nature, the richness and the beauty of the Danube floodplain, its backwaters, the oak forest of Gerolfing and the accompanying Danube floodplain forests? 

Aueninformationszentrum Neuburg-Ingolstadt

Around the castle Grünau with the exhibition in the Aueninformationszentrum you can experience the importance of floodplains for biodiversity, for flood protection and as living and recreation space for people.

Danube Pavillion

In the Danube Pavillion, an extension of the Aueninformationszentrum, you can check for your activities in the Danube wetlands at the gates of Ingolstadt.

Environmental Education

Education for Sustainable Development and Environment is offered in collaboration with the environmental education center “Haus im Moos” for schools and groups interested in the Danube floodplain. Qualified environmental guides lead you expertly through the Danube floodplain, assisting you in experiencing this dynamic and diverse environment.

You can also obtain information on the great variety of environmental education in the region of Ingolstadt on the pages of the “network of environmental education Ingolstadt (NUBI)".

Floodplain path

If you tend to explore the Danube floodplain between Neuburg and Ingolstadt on your own, you have the possibility to choose from a number of labled floodplain path that include a high range of information (leaflets and information boards).