Danube Riparian Forest between Neuburg and Ingolstadt

The successful implementation of the conservation project "dynamisation of the Danube floodplain between Neuburg and Ingolstadt" by the Water Authority Ingolstadt, the district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen and the city of Ingolstadt was reason to deepen the cooperation for the benefit of the floodplain between Neuburg and Ingolstadt.

Our goals

The aim of this joint venture (JV) is, to manage and develop the landscape protected areas "floodplain south of the Danube" (Ingolstadt), "Gerolfinger Oak Forest" (Ingolstadt) and "Donauauen east is Neuburg with Branst "(district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen) and other facets of the FFH area "Gerolfinger oak Danube with floodplain forest" under the new name of "Danube Riparian Forest between Neuburg and Ingolstadt" with a total area of 3686 ha together.

The main priorities are

The establishment of a common representation and participation in the international network "DANUBEPARKS" with the project area "Danube Riparian Forest between Neuburg and Ingolstadt"

The realisation of a common management by rangers and nature guides.

And the joint presentation of projects of cross local importance, to the press and media.

Cooperation with
Auenzentrum Neuburg-Ingolstadt

Scientifically, the JV is accompanied by the Auenzentrum Neuburg Ingolstadt in Grünau castle. There is also a permanent exhibition in the Grünau castle about this valuable habitat. In the extension of the Aueninformationszentrum, the Danube Pavilion at the barrage Ingolstadt, are shown changing exhibitions with the focus on the Danube.